Here are some motion projects that I have worked on.

‘Anonymous Club’ For Courtney Barnett.  Director and illustrator.

‘Overslept’ For Acer.  Director & Illustrator.  Co-directed with Mat Landour.

Tidal Wave’ For Husky.  Director & Illustrator.

‘One Day’ For Regurgitator.  Director.

‘Words To Live By’ For The Sydney Writers Festival.  Director & Illustrator.

‘Postcards’ For An Horse.  Director.

‘No Turning Back’ For Sarah Blasko.  Director and Illustrator.  Motion by Dirty Puppet.

‘Ticks’ For The World Wildlife Fund.  Illustrator.

‘A Magnificent Truth’ For Zain.  Illustrator.

‘Journey’ For Dodge.  Illustrator

‘Wynnsday’ For Wyyns.  Director & Illustrator.

‘The Big Squeeze’ For Fountain.  Illustrator.


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