Monsters in my blood!

So recently I had an exhibition of monsters that I painted in my own blood.  The blood is the browny red parts.  The black ink drawings don’t have any blood in them.  I got a nurse to take out 17 tubes of my blood and I put it in the freezer then thawed it out as I needed it.  Sorry about the shitty iPhone photos.  I wanted to take better photos, but they all got sold which is good I guess.  x

This cloud is responsible for greeting people who were just alive.

This is what it looks like when you want to be somewhere so bad that you can feel it in your belly and the inside of your mouth floats around in front of your face.

In space, you bleed up instead of down.

This is Gunther Von Hagens as an evil car. He wants our guts and we can’t stop him because he’s an evil and powerful car. He is fast and made from metal.

And here is a photo of all the work up on the wall:


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